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Smart Mobility

According to projections, nearly 70% of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050. While some megacities are already struggling to cope with the current inflow of people, we need to create smart cities in order to make these urban areas more livable and truly sustainable. Yookoo's smart mobility is all about finding the best adaptable V-to-V or V-to-I technologies to make sure that the promise of the smart mobility can be realized.For example, Promoting electric vehicles, self-service bikes, public transport and carpooling networks, as well as providing charging stations must be a priority, to give city dwellers true sustainable alternatives to the single-occupant fossil fuelled car.

Smart Security

Security is a big concern in todays connected disconnected society. People are virtually connected, but physically disconnected, to get the necessary help and support when needed by citizens, the use of smart security technology and applications are vital. Yookoo implements a smart security technology called the Yookoo Panic button. Just press the panic button from what ever location you are, your signal be received in our control room in no time.

Smart Home

Yookoo not only spend its resources on building smart Home technologies, but emphasizes on integrating the smart city technology infrustractures. Think of your smart wall talking to you and interacting with other smart city technologies to bring the best livable home experience, Your refrigirator recommending what type of diet your body should deserve and the nutriational components of what is it hosts. Smart home is all about your healthy living by connecting to your medical databse, it learns what dies your body needs to remain healthy

Smart Store

Your shopping experience gets more smarter. The technology recommends which stores have got cheaper products with out compromising quality, or what benefits you harness by visiting which of the virtual stores and what new fall products have arrived and sits with you and consult with you, connects with your medical history database and recommends you what products and which stores you need to visit to keep yourself fit.

Smart Med

Think of a wrapable ultra thin device around your finger that takes blood from the level of capiliaries with out cutting your skin and passing to a sampling devise via a tube. The sampling device loaded with millions of sero detectable diseases database and let's say a 1 minute cancer susibtibility detected in your body via the test. Think of installing such devices at public places so that citizens can log in using facial recognition technology and upload their medical condition to their virtual doctor, an instant solution to your medical needs be served. This is a promise that we can eradicate cancer and one day sooner, the we will be a cancer free society. Cancer is not the only scenario though.

Smart Tourism

You have the Yookoo Smart Tourism on your phone or tablet. As you are travelling, your app pops up with very important information of places to visit, historical background of your current GPS, important historical figures, the cultural values of the areas you are visiting, who to meet and visit, weather warnings, etc in your own native language regardless of what language your mother toung or your choice of language is. This happens in real time. Using smart Tourism devices such as the ocult, You can virtually tour anywhere or any place on earth. The power of smart tourism is massive and the complete explanation is beyond the scope of this website

Smart Energy

A Net Zero Energy Building produces as much as it consumes every day. However, due to lack of storage capacity, it sometimes provides the grid with the surplus of energy and sometimes needs energy from the grid. To tackle this issue, Smart Energy Hub allows the building to store the surplus and use it when it is necessary. This solution combines batteries, for their fast switching capabilities, with a disruptive technology: an RSOC (Reconfigurable System-On-Chip) energy processor, capable of storing energy in the form of Hydrogen (water electrolysis function), and rendering it when needed in the form of heat and electricity (fuel cell function). Thanks to its software (modelling of building and the Smart Energy Hub) and to the adaptability of its product, any NZEB building can be rendered self-sufficient in energy (non grid-dependant).

Smart lighting

Lighting optimization aims at reducing energy usage of the lighting systems, by providing the correct amount of light at the correct time with efficient fixtures. Intelligent and weather adaptive streetlights are a good example of smart lighting systems.

Smart roads

Control sensors can be used to monitor certain traffic patterns and common traffic jams. Besides, smart technologies can detect the possible deterioration of equipment such as traffic lights and light panels for pedestrians, or the effect of traffic on the environment.

How to's and Help


How to Download and Request

Riders can download the Yookoo Ride app from playstore or appstore, Signup if rider has never used the Yookoo Ride app in the past or sign in if existing user, and start using the app.

May 6, 2019
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How to use Panic Button

If You are logged in to the Yookoo Ride app, simply launch the app and look for the red button on the top right side of the screen and press it. You will receive an immediate call from the control room.

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How to use Ybank to request

While making a request, on filling your destination, you will be prompted on what payment method to request with. of the list, you must choose Ybank and place your request. The app automaticaly deducts from your existing ballance. You have never requested on Ybank,You cannot pay from the wallet, You must have had a balance before placing a request.

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